I’d like to thank you and John again for the wonderful stay. It really was an invaluable experience. – Hanae

Many thanks for all the support, the help. I am convinced that the welcoming environment of your home has played a key role in my success, apart from the excellent lessons. – Ferdinando

I enjoyed to stay and study with you so much, thank you!!
We were happy because your meals were very nice, we always
enjoyed them.
Studying was a very good time for me, I could improve my listening and
conversation. – Naomi

I obtained 810 points this month, so now I have the TOEIC and my Engineering Diploma.
I would like to tell you thank you for all Jeanette and John. – Alexandre

I sometimes remember my life in U.K. I thank you and John for your kindness. I had had the best time during my stay at your house. – Kengo

Thanks to you I passed my TOEIC with 850/990 …Thanks a lot for all. – Remy